Buildings and Streets of Muenzenberg



This quarter of the city of Quedlinburg might be the most exciting place in town. There is a comfort like decades ago, but the time wasn't standing still. The visitor can see a closed old town quarter. The buildings are small according to the hill area. One house is leaning to the next. They had to be small because there was no place on the hill. During the centuries there were several fires destroying most of the buildings. Certainly the rests were reworked. So a unique architecture and style was developing. This style can not be classified, everybody built like he could and like his demands on the small sites. A coloured mixture of all former periods with a lovely look became real.
The little streets there don't correspond to a familiar city shape, but to live there with all of its obstacles is very individual. Beside the amount of small buildings the Muenzenberg shows a very beautiful look around over the old town of Quedlinburg, our castle and the Harz area.


Aufzählung Die Geschichte des Münzenberg              History of the Muenzenberg
Aufzählung Häuser und Strassen des Münzenberg     Buildings and Streets of Muenzenberg
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