The Stairs to Muenzenberg


The get on top of the Muenzenberg, you have four choices. The first is to use the school stair from the city, the most famous and most described staircase. In literature are made different information about the number of steps. I will not say how many steps there are, come to Quedlinburg and find it out!

Another possibility is in using the water stair. This stair was used during times of decayed wells to get water to the top of the hill. Women had to go this hard way every day. They had a Yoke or a carrying of wood, on which were mounted wooden buckets to the left and right. These buckets were filled on the mill ditch at the foot of the Muenzenberg and carried back on the water stair.


The third way is a foot step with only a few steps. Last but not least you can go by car from the west to the top of the hill.

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